Leaving a largely corporate role in the Oil and Gas sector behind in 2014, Queensland Australia – I have been blessed with an abundance of time to now travel, discover, explore, adventure, roam and live life how I want to, as apposed to how we are conditioned since birth. – “Go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get a car, get a house, find a partner, have a family, retire, die.”

I want and discover what life is about – through other cultures, via magical places and people, books and stories in this beautiful world and universe we live in. I want to meet people who are like minded, who love adventure, have positive attitudes and who love roaming in every aspect of the word.

But most of all I want to find and understand what truly is true, in life. I will beckon you to roam to the amazing spots around the globe that I share with you, as I make my own way along this luminous path.

Happy roaming!


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