Wherever We May Roam

Hello Roamers!

Well its official, after months of humming and harring, I’ve finally gotten my A (a*s) into G (gear) and started a blog.

This blog incorporates not only the physical roaming aspects of my two and a half years of travels to six continents, but also my spiritual and mental roaming of the world we live in. By putting the latter two on paper and I hope we can all gain some new insights and perspectives into these crazy times we are currently living in. The former of course will help to lighten the mood and remind us of the beautiful universe we live in, despite the bulls*it.

I will admit I am an ideologist and a “conspiracy theorist” but I don’t think this is necessarily a negative thing. In fact, in my opinion, it is quite the opposite. Conspiracy theorists can easily be labelled as “crazy” or “out of touch” but all we’re really doing is providing an alternative view to the others spoon feed to us, in most cases, since birth. The most genius people to have ever existed were thought crazy by their peers for thinking the could change the world.

This blog is a safe place for all Roamers to share their views and to be inspired. Keeping an open mind is paramount to understanding any and every topic.

To prevent our world views growing stale, I and your fellow Roamers need your help, you views, your opinions and mostly your understandings to grow our own.

Happy roaming!

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